Dr. Joseph Maroon


About Dr. Joseph Maroon, MD

As a practicing physician and neurosurgeon for the last 20 years Dr. Maroon has continually been called upon to “fix the car after it is broken”. That is to say repair the injury after the damage is done. But what if we lived in a world where instead of always fixing the body we were able to maintain it as a “classic” and keep it running with scheduled maintenance and appropriate use for years to come?

That is what Omega-3 Fish oil supplements are all about — designed from the ground up to have the best and freshest ingredients and produced in the strengths that can actually provide an advantage to maintain the most optimal health possible.

Dr. Joseph Maroon, MD, is a board-certified neurosurgeon, professor of neurosurgery, and a team physician of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Honored as one of America’s Best Neurosurgeons for 8 consecutive years in America’s Best Doctors, he has published over 250 scientific papers, 8 books, including Fish Oil: The Natural Anti-Inflammatory, and 40 book chapters and sits on the editorial board of 5 medical journals. His research has focused on the prevention and treatment of injuries and diseases of the brain and spine.

In the world of natural treatments he has been involved in numerous scientific studies, including a study demonstrating relief of spine related pain in over 60% of those subjects who were placed on fish oil supplements(1). He is currently working with many other natural products to determine possible health benefits. A devoted athlete, he has completed 50 Olympic distance triathlon events since 1980 and was inducted into the Lou Holtz Upper Ohio Valley Hall of Fame for his athletic accomplishments and contributions to sports medicine.

(1) Maroon JC, Bost JW. Omega-3 Fatty acids (fish oil) as an anti-inflammatory: an alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for discogenic pain. Surgical Neurology 2006;65:326–331

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