Omega-3 Fish Oil Good for Joint and Heart Function

OMEGA-3 FISH OIL GOOD FOR JOINT AND HEART FUNCTION In 2005, Dr. Joseph Maroon and Jeff Bost PAC published the first article ever on the use of omega-3 fish oil for patients with non-surgical spine pain.  The article, published in Surgical Neurology, entitled,  ω-3 Fatty acids (fish oil) as an anti-inflammatory: an alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for…

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Read Dr Maroon’s Latest Article on CBD

The use of medical marijuana has exploded in the last 10 yrs with over 29 states now legalizing it as either for a medical condition or for recreational use.  In Pennsylvania, there are over 15 different recognized conditions that medical marijuana is now permitted.  In his recent publication entitled, Review of the neurological benefits of phytocannabinoids,  Dr…

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Maroon Fish Oil Book Cover

New Fish Oil Book has Arrived

November 1, 2016 – Updated Fish Oil Book now Available FREE HERE In their latest book, Dr. Joseph Maroon and Jeff Bost PAC discuss how fish oil’s universal actions and benefits make it one of the best choices for all Americans to influence their health for the better. Taking fish oil as a supplement or…

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Healthy Heart omax3freezer

Announcing New Website

Inflammation Solutions is proud to announce a new website and newsletter for its customers.  Omega-3 fish oil research continues to grow and almost daily studies are showing a wide variety of benefits.  Through our newsletter you can receive information you can use to make better health choices on nutrition and diet, exercise, and healthy living…

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Fish Toxins

What Consumer Reports Says About Fish

By Joseph C. Maroon, MD I have written and lectured extensively on the benefits of omega-3 fish oil for human health.  Last month in Consumer Reports, an independent, member supported magazine that reviews consumer products, reported on the fish and its health benefits.  Specifically they noted a recent FDA report that encouraged pregnant women and children…

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Why You May Need Omega-3 Fish Oil

By Joseph C. Maroon, MD In my neurological practice, fortunately most of my patients with spine complaints leave the office with a prescription for conservative treatments rather than surgery. These can include: physiotherapy, traction, massage, ultrasound, injections and chiropractic therapy – all designed to relieve pain, recondition the body and restore posture and quality of life. Up until…

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Brain Image Nov 2014

Brain Benefits of Multivitamins and Fish Oil

By Joseph C. Maroon, MD With few exceptions, most people begin to notice some memory lapses after the age of 50.  Fortunately, for most these are manageable and do not profoundly affect our typical daily activities.  However, as we get closer to our 70’s and 80’s problems with thinking and memory can be overwhelming.  The…

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