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“Something fishy in Steelers’ diet aids cardiovascular health”, Pittsburgh Post Gazette, Monday, February 02, 2009

Cancer Risk:

Eating fatty fish, not lean fish, may reduce incidence of renal cancer in women

Healthy Living:

Scientists suggest that diet is the source of fats circulating in the body

Fish oil in triglyceride form is better absorbed than ethyl ester fish oil, with or without a meal

Human study reports fish oil reduced non-enzymatic peroxidation and did not affect antioxidant status

Vitamin D:

Vitamin D isn’t just to prevent rickets anymore

Cardiovascular Health:

Fish Oil Supplements Help With Heart Failure

Omega-3s estimated to be more effective in preventing sudden death than automated external defibrillators

Increasing EPA and DHA improved blood lipids and did not affect blood clotting factors

More DHA associated with less coronary atherosclerosis in women

Infants and Children

Impact of fish oil supplementation on blood lipids in infants

Cognition/Neurological Health

Fish oil shown to slow decline in individuals with mild cognitive dysfunction