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Customer Holly Hoak, who takes 1,200 mg of Pro-EPA per day for the last three months, writes:

“I am a 47 year old women who’s back problems have constantly hindered my daily activity. Activities like washing my feet in the shower or even getting into a car can cause great pain. After two weeks of taking the fish oil I have noticed that these simple tasks no longer caused pain. I’m painting my nails again, hopping in and out of the car and walking the dog around the block! I haven’t had a pimple in 3 months nor felt the need to take Advil™ either. I was quite skeptical….. I am NO more, it works!.”

Customer Sandy Malec, who started taking Pro-EPA two years ago, writes:

“I started to take PROEPA two years ago. I can not tell you how grateful I am that I was introduced to this product. I am 60 years old and before taking the fish oil I would have to shuffle around the house in the morning. I was taking Advil everyday in addition to Glucosamine with little or no relief. After two years of taking the fish oil, I no longer take Glucosamine and I take Advil only if I over work in the garden or have a headache. Instead of shuffling, I run with my grandchildren. This has been a wonderful discovery. I believe I have a problem in the winter due to the lack of light. I have noticed my mood is much better in the winter. The fish oil has made a big difference. I hope to go off Zocor this year. I am going to talk to my doctor soon about that possibility. I have shared written material on PROEPA with many of my friends and family. I feel as if I have found the fountain of youth, thanks to this product. Now if it would firm up the skin under my chin I would really be a Happy Lady (just joking) running with my grandchildren makes me happy.”

Customer Clarissa Anderson, who takes 600 mg of Pro-EPA per day for the last six months, writes:

“Like so many others I have been on statin drugs for elevated cholesterol and was on Tricor™ for elevated triglycerides. My liver function tests became elevated so my Lipitor™ was stopped. So I had to really work on my diet and exercise program. In March of 2004 my cholesterol was 221 and triglycerides 280. In August 2004, I began taking Pro-EPA, along with a really low fat diet and exercise. In September 2004m my cholesterol fell to 180 and my triglycerides to 160. My primary care Doctor had now discontinued my Tricor™, WOW. Is that great or what! When I ran out of Pro-EPA I took another omega-3 EFA product and I burped fish oil all day. That’s why I reordered your product.”

Customer Susan McClain, who takes 1,200 mg of Pro-EPA per day for the last seven months, writes:

“I believe the biggest benefit that omega-3 EFA fish oil has for me has been my mood change. I have been in the past on Prozac™ and more recently Effexor™. Neither I might add has smoothed the blues. But since I’ve been taking the omega-3 I have not been at all depressed or feeling down. The world and my life are both brighter. I’m enjoying like much more. I’m on a regular exercise program. Each morning is a start of a new bright day that I really enjoy.”

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